About Us

Becoming an airline pilot is no easy feat, and many a person has fallen at the first hurdle because they have underestimated the difficulty of the process. My name is Jacob Stern and I have been a commercial pilot for twelve years. 

My most recent flight was a longhaul task, from the US to New Zealand. 16 hours, if you can imagine! During those many hours, I had a few to think about my career as a pilot. It has been incredibly fulfilling, but not without its tribulations. 

When my twelve year old niece asked me how she could become a pilot one day, it got me thinking back to my training years.

It seemed as though the stress of it all had allowed me to repress these memories somewhat, because I hadn’t thought about it in years!

But before I knew it, all of the tests and studying came back to me. I was suddenly very concerned for my young niece who was blissfully ignorant to everything that you have to go through to be a pilot. 

Well, I didn’t want her going through life without having enough preparation for this large feat - and that’s where my website came in. I decided to create this source of knowledge from my own experiences, in the hopes of helping budding pilots like my niece (and you!) to get through their training.

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a pilot or are in the middle of your training, I hope that this website and my knowledge comes of some benefit to you. I’d love to think that my website made your experience a little less stressful and a lot more fun!