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Logbooks are an essential part of any pilot's equipment and document the history of a flight, including the pilot flying it.

The logbook also provides proof of training and experience as well as aircraft registration and type certificates.

Today, it is possible to also own digital and electronic logbooks. But with so many different logbook services out there now, it can be hard to stick with just one.

So in this article, we have picked our favorite ones for pilots.


Foreflight Logbook

Starting off our list of digital and electronic logbooks, we have MyFlightBook, an app that has a lot to offer pilots when it comes to keeping track of their flying hours.

With ForeFlight, it's easy to keep track of all your flights. All you need is your airline ticket number and/or the itinerary number on your boarding pass.

With just these two pieces of information, you can quickly find out when you started and finished a trip, how much you earned, where you spent your time, and so on.

But that's just the beginning. With ForeFlight Logbook, you can do much more than simply track your flights and transactions.

You can also manage your accounts, see your currency and totals, upload or download your logs, and get a print-ready view.

And best of all, with ForeFlight Logbook you get access to a whole world of aviation information.

You can even browse real-time satellite images of airports around the globe. And if you know where to look, you can identify airports by name!

The interface is easy to use, and the functionality seems pretty solid. There are several ways to search, and there is a lot of info available about how to fly certain aircraft.

We like the ability to import data from Excel files, which makes organizing your information much easier.

One thing that wasn't immediately obvious to us when we started using the program was that it did not come with any sort of training video. That said, we did find several videos online that help explain the basics.

Overall, if you're looking for a comprehensive tool for managing your flight training, ForeFlight is one of the best options that you'll find out there.


  • A great and easy way to track your flight hours and history.
  • Also a great way of tracking how much training you've done, and how much more you have left.
  • A great way of viewing flight paths.
  • You can even download your logbook onto an Excel sheet for easy reading, without having to use the cloud!


  • Being a cloud service, there is the danger of the information that your provider has been misused. Make sure to use that downloadable feature to help mitigate this problem!

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LogTen Pilot Logbook

Logten is the most advanced pilot logging app for iOS, used by more than 100,000 pilots worldwide to track flight time, duty, currency, endorsements, rest, BFR, and more.

With Logten, you can enter all your flights, aircraft types, places, trips, people, and certificates into one convenient app.

Then, you can generate reports to keep track of everything and send them directly to your friends and family.

All this comes together in an intuitive interface that makes tracking your flying simple and easy.

The best part? All your information is stored securely online—and synced across all your devices. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can stay up-to-date without missing a beat.

It has been really easy to use whilst we have been testing it and has lots of features which make it incredibly useful.

There's plenty of support too, as well as tutorials and videos to help you learn how to do things. We'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online logbook.


  • Has a very user-friendly setup.
  • Great for formatting your log history and hours.
  • Has plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials if you are a new user.


  • You need the right software update on IOS to use the app.
  • The subscription service for the mobile and Apple MacBook versions is sold separately. It can quickly become an expensive service to run if you aren't using it a lot.

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Logbook.Aero is an instant, real-time flight tracking system that allows you to manage all your trips, data, and history in one secure location. No syncing is required. Everything stays up to date wherever you go.

LogTen makes organizing and sharing your trip data easy.

With Logbook.Aero, you have access to all your flights, including your pilot logs, passenger manifests, fuel records, and engine maintenance information.

You can view these details on your iPad, laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone.

Use the built-in map views to plan your next trip. See where your destination airports are located, and find out which runways are suitable for your type of aircraft.

Plan your routes, fuel stops, and navigation charts before you fly.

Track your flight using the built-in GPS tracker feature. This works seamlessly with the flight tracking apps for iPhone and Android phones. With just two taps, you can start tracking your flight right away.

Logbook.Aero has many features designed specifically for pilots, such as a digital cockpit view that lets you see essential flight information directly from your iPad.

If you're an instructor, use the LogTen Instructor tool to create lesson plans and earn CEU credits.

Customize your flight data with rich reporting capabilities. Choose from a variety of different reports and visualizations. Export any report to PDF format for printing.

Plus, you can instantly sync your flight data across your devices - All your flight data is stored securely in the cloud. Your data will be synced even when you are offline!


  • Brings an amazing level of detail to your reports, whether they are flight times, airfields, maps, or other details of your flight paths and routes.
  • Download your logbooks as exportable PDFs for great off-the-cloud viewing and record keeping.
  • Keep track of all your details through Logbook.Aero, whether that is your ratings, currency, or medical details.


  • The app on mobile seems to be quite buggy, as well as somewhat difficult to navigate for new users.

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Safelog is one of the world's most trusted, easiest to use, and best-looking electronic pilot logbook solutions. With Safelog, you'll never lose or forget your logbooks again!

The Safelog App is designed to provide flight crews with the tools they need to keep their logs organized and legible.

It was built using Apple's Core Data technology, which is built into the iOS platform and is used to store and retrieve information and preferences.

Safelog has been downloaded over 50 million times around the globe.

Millions of users have chosen Safelog because it does what they need it to do without being complicated or expensive.

What makes Safelog different from other apps is its ease of use. Safelog doesn't require any special training to learn how to use it.

Safelog will also give you the power to customize your experience with them to fit your needs.

With hundreds of settings, you can easily configure Safelog to meet YOUR specific requirements.


  • A great way to manage your detail, such as pilot history and medical records.
  • A great way for storing all sorts of pilot data, such as airport and airfield locations, as well as the logging of all your flights.
  • A helpful way of blocking out duty times for you and your colleagues.


  • Customer service does not seem to be this service's strong point.

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Flylog is another one of the world’s leading aviation apps for private pilots.

FlyLog is a complete solution for pilots logging flight hours, trip logs, maintenance records, and more.

It supports all types of aviation activities, including general aviation, helicopter, and fixed-wing flights.

FlyLog comes with a unique feature called "Flight Planner" which allows users to plan routes and navigate using Google Maps and Waze.

With Flylog, it is easier than ever before to plan, navigate, monitor, and share your flight activities.

It provides all the information needed to fly safely and legally. This includes weather forecasts, airport charts, ATC services, Flight Routes, Airspace use plans, Pilot Notices and so much more!

With the new version “AIRCRAFT LOGBOOK” you will now be able to book your aircraft directly from within the app.

For every booking, Flylog automatically generates a ticket and sends it to your e-mail address.

Furthermore, you can send the ticket to your family and friends, via e-mail or social media.

You can also sync your journey logs with your pilot logbook using the direct connection between the two apps.


  • This is a great way of logging all your planned flight hours as a private pilot.
  • Digital signatures allow this app to completely replace any physical documents in your piloting life!
  • This is a great, cheaper alternative to many other flight logbook service apps out there.


  • Like other services that utilize cloud storage, outside interference is always a question that needs answering, although the private key encryption does help here.

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No matter if you fly light jets, heavy jets, or helicopters, mccPILOTLog has features that suit every type of pilot.

For pilots that fly small aircraft, the app comes with a full set of functions to plan their next trip, including a complete list of airports, their runway lengths, fuel prices, weather conditions, and airport fees.

If you are a commercial pilot, the app offers a variety of useful tools to keep track of your flight hours, such as a checklist feature that lets you mark checklists and procedures completed during your flight.

Whether you are a military pilot or a private pilot, the app keeps track of your personal information, including your medical certificate number, license number, type rating class, and type certificate.

mccPilotLog allows you to track your flight history and keep your flight logbooks up to date.

It automatically generates PDF files of your flight logs, where you can print them out and attach them to your emails.

With its built-in calendar function, the app helps you organize your travel plans. You can add trips, events, appointments, and reminders - all right within the app.

If needed, you can even export your calendar data to Google Calendar.


  • Export your flight records and routes as an Excel sheet for away-from-the-cloud viewing.
  • Displays all the local details you'll need to plan a flight.
  • Does not require internet or wifi to be used!
  • Great for private, commercial, or military pilots alike!


  • The mobile version of this app relies on the laptop/MacBook version of the app to be best utilized.

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Best Electronic Pilot Logbook Buying Guide

Aircraft Type

The type of aircraft you are piloting will likely affect your choice of electric logbook.

You may have certain requirements depending on if you are flying a helicopter, glider aircraft, or an airplane. 

For instance, if you are flying a Cessna Mustang, you’d probably need to use a different logbook to a helicopter pilot.

Best Electronic Pilot Logbook


Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding aviation. These rules are put in place to ensure safety and security.

In the United States, the FAA oversees this process. They oversee everything from air traffic control to safety equipment to fuel standards.

You should look for an electric pilot’s logbook that allows you to log information in accordance with regulations of your airline or your general area.

Type Of Pilot License

The type of logbook that you own, regardless of whether it is physical or electronic, will likely be determined by what type of pilot’s license you own.

You can only obtain a pilot’s license if you can meet certain requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the State Department.

When discussing how this relates to an electronic logbook, how often you’ll be flying and in what capacity, will determine what features you need in your logbook.

Whilst a commercial or military level pilot might need an extensive list of features to be used effectively, a private pilot is likely not going to need the same extensive list.

A private pilot of a small aircraft may only need a few details that are available on a free or reduced version of a full details logbook, with only a few details such as flight logs and routes being needed.


This is one of the biggest factors when purchasing a pilot logbook. The price range for the logbook subscription services varies greatly depending on the features included.

A decent model will cost anywhere between $70-$200 whereas a premium model could cost even more than that.

This is why we have created our guide so that you know exactly what you want before making any purchases.

This factor ties back into what capacity you'll be using your logbook in.

As we mentioned in the section on what pilot's license you have, consider what essential features you'll need when you are out there flying. 

You don't want to be paying upwards of $100 if you are a private pilot, and will only need a fraction of the features that commercial and military pilots use.


Many features will come with an electronic pilot logbook. Some of these include:

  • Flight Logs - These show all flights taken by the pilot.
  • Route Logs - Show where the pilot flew to and from.
  • Aircraft Information - This shows the make and model of the aircraft.
  • Engine Information - This shows the engine size and manufacturer.
  • Fuel Consumption - This shows how much fuel was consumed during each flight.
  • GPS Data - Shows the location of the aircraft at every time recorded.
  • Weather Reports - Shows weather conditions at the time of each flight.

These are just a few of the features that a good electronic logbook service should come with as standard.

Best Electronic Pilot Logbook - FAQ's

What Is A Flight Logbook?

Flight logs include all the relevant information about your flights.

It includes things like where you took off and landed, time of day, weather conditions, etc. This information is important because it helps you with future planning and preparation.

Many airlines will ask to see your logbook before they consider hiring you!

When Will I Be Able To See My Flight Log?

When it comes to using an electronic logbook, once you have entered some initial information into the system, you will be able to view your flight history immediately.

When you click on “View History”, you will be taken to a page where you can sort through your entire trip.

Why Use A Digital Logbook Over A Physical One?

There are several reasons why you should use an electronic pilot logbook over a physical one.

Most importantly, an electronic logbook allows you to access your recorded data anywhere at any time.

You will not have to worry about losing your paper copy and having to reenter all of your data. An electronic logbook will save you tons of time.

Furthermore, some airlines will demand that you use an electronic over a physical logbook, so if you want to make yourself as employable as possible, an electric logbook isn’t a bad idea.

How Do I Record Data On My Logbook?

An electronic pilot logbook makes recording data easy. All you need to do is enter the date and time you took off, what airport you flew out of, what airport you landed at, and other relevant details.

You can even add notes about the flight itself. If you make changes later on, you can simply update them.

If you would rather keep your record book in its original form, you can always print out a hard copy of all of your entries.

However, it will still require effort to organize and input the data correctly.

Do You Need A Lot Of Features In Your Electronic Logbook?

Every country has different requirements when it comes to logging flights. Therefore, before purchasing an electronic logbook, you need to know exactly what your needs are.

There are many different options available; however, they range in price and feature set. Some offer a simple interface while others have a complex user-friendly design.

The type of aircraft you are flying also plays a large role in determining what features you need. For example, if you fly small airplanes, then you will probably only need to track your trips.

Many of the services we listed come with free versions of their applications or trial versions of the full fat software.

The free versions won’t be quite as feature-dense, so try a few out, and see how you get on with them. You may find that you don’t need a more expansive version.


Choosing an electronic pilot logbook requires some consideration. It’s important to look into the different types of logbooks available and determine which ones fit your needs best.

Once you have made this decision, you will no longer have to worry about losing valuable data.

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