Best Pilot Flight Bag

For pilots, traveling around the world daily is just a regular part of their life. Every pilot needs a high-quality flying bag.

Something that can accommodate all of their belongings and that they can have close at hand throughout their flights is ideal.

If you are looking for a replacement bag or your very first pilot flight bag (see also "Best Gifts For Pilots"), then you have come to the right place!

Here, we will be reviewing the very best flight bags loved by pilots around the world.

Whether you’re looking for the best bag for a long stay, short stay, or the one with the most room, here you will find exactly what you need!


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The Flyboys Crew Bag is bigger and more spacious than standard flying bags.

This bag is made of 1680D ballistic nylon and boasts an armored PVC base and enough padding throughout.

The bag's exterior is resistant to water and abrasion, guaranteeing that the contents stay secure at all times.

Every corner of the bag is equipped with rubber feet that help elevate it slightly.

This is particularly good when the bag must be placed on the ground since it keeps the bag's bottom clean and dry.

For prospective student pilots, the Flyboys Crew bag is an ideal choice. It's a spacious backpack with plenty of padding and compartments for all your belongings.

This backpack's removable inner partitions are also an excellent feature. They allow you to separate the inside into a maximum of three divisions, which makes organizing your books a breeze.

Naturally, you may organize the partitions as you choose, making this backpack ideal for a wide variety of pilots.

The main compartment of this flight bag is enormous and can hold a lot of goods.

This bag is ideal for pilots who wish to carry an additional set of clothing and toiletries in their flying bag.

You get five exterior pockets which will help you organize your items with ease! One of these compartments is suitable for your tablet or other smart devices.

Additionally, there is a retention sleeve for flashlights, however, it is concealed within the main compartment of the bag.

There are also two external sliding pockets which are the appropriate size for your photo ID and certificates are included.


  • Very large - you could fit a whole change of clothes, your toiletries, and anything else you would need for a short trip easily
  • Durable - this bag is made of very strong and durable materials, which is perfect for a bag that will be put down on the floor a lot or carried around busy airports
  • Internal dividers - these give you more freedom in how you want to organize your space


  • Few internal pockets - you may want to keep some of your valuable items hidden, but most of the pockets are on the outside of this bag, which is not as safe
  • Large - not surprisingly, this bag is quite big. If you are only staying somewhere for a few hours or one night, you may want a smaller bag


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These are enormous square bags meant solely for pilots, but there is a reason for it.

The B7 is one of the best customizable bags. The B7 is not densely packed with compartments; rather, it is made up of many different compartments.

Each one is removable, and you may use as many as you choose.

This is a wonderful alternative since it enables you to tailor your traveling luggage to your specifications. On any given day, you may customize it to any size you like.

This backpack is large enough to carry two complete headsets, a water bottle, a suitcase full of charts, two iPads, and any other little items you may require.

This bag, with its variety of little pockets and compartments, will quickly become one of your favorites for all flights.

However, though it looks like a large bag, you may be surprised at how small it really is.

The bag contains far less than expected, which is a great letdown. You will be unable to fit a change of clothing inside the B7 Flight-Echo.

If you don’t mind traveling with a suitcase as well though, then this may not be a big issue for you.

While the backpack is good for carrying minor flying equipment and keeping everything organized and accessible, it is inconvenient if you want a huge main compartment.

One of the best aspects of this backpack is the external water bottle storage. It's a unique function not seen on many other flying bags, and one that's really handy.

The compartment holds a small water bottle comfortably while keeping it separate from your electronics and documents.


  • Super customizable - you can organize your bag however you want, making the space work for you
  • Durable - this bag can take several knocks and bumps before you notice any damage


  • Not as big as expected - though it can hold a lot of smaller items, this bag cannot even fit a change of clothes. This bag may be more suitable if you only have a short few hour layovers in another country before your flight home

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Aerocoast Pro Flight Case

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The Aerocoast Pro is another popular choice of pilot bag. It's also one of the most affordable bags on this list, making it ideal for those on a budget.

While it is still not a cheap bag, it is significantly less expensive than the pricier leather options.

As well as being more affordable, it is also an amazing flight bag in general. The Pro Crew is differentiated by an ergonomic grab grip that interlocks.

Additionally, it includes a padded shoulder strap that offers comfort regardless of the way the bag is carried.

It has a roomy main compartment with multiple inside pockets, including a padded laptop compartment large enough to accommodate a 15-inch device.

There are also outside pockets. One of these is the upper accessories area, which is excellent for tiny items.

The two front pockets are rather spacious as well. One features an organizer panel, while the other is ideal for a tablet.

The back of the bag includes two smaller side pockets, a luggage strap, and a large slip pocket.

If you're looking for a bag that will keep your possessions organized and easily accessible, this is without a doubt one of the best options.

It is, however, not perfect. The downside of this flying bag is that the bag is not super durable, with the outside being made of nylon and polyester.

Additionally, there are no dedicated pockets for pilot-specific devices such as headsets, fuel testers, flashlights, or transceivers.

This is because the Pro Staff bag is intended for use by all cabin crew members, not only pilots.


  • Padded laptop area - your device will be safe and snug in this pocket
  • Many pockets - with pockets both on the inside and outside of this bag, you will have plenty of room to put all of your things
  • Waterproof - the outside of the bag is waterproof, so a light spill should not damage the contents of the bag


  • Bulky - though comfortable to wear, this bag can be a bit bulky to carry around

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Here is a great option for student pilots. At less than $100, the HP Captain's Bag is one of the most economical flying bags you can buy.

And it's a wonderful choice for student pilots, with its spacious main compartment fitting all of your books easily.

However, though you can fit your books into this bag, the HP is not very large. It features two massive side pockets that give the illusion of a much larger bag than it is.

The main compartment is not super small though. It measures 12" x 8" x 12" and features four pockets, providing plenty of space for books or even a change of clothing and a few toiletries.

As is the case with other Flight Gear backpacks, it is made of durable ripstop nylon.

It should be able to survive significant wear and tear. If not, the three-year warranty is always available. 

Additionally, nylon is highly water-resistant, which means that even in rain, the contents of the bag will remain dry.

This flight bag features several outside compartments. Along with two cushioned headset pockets, there are two slip pockets for storing your fuel testers and flashlight.

As well as this, there are two chart-compatible slide pockets in the back and two tiny slip pockets in the front which are the perfect size to hold your smartphone.

The front part of the bag zips shut and features a key clip, an organizational panel, and a zippered pocket.

Although the iPad compartment is contained within the main bag area, it is accessible from the outside via a zipper at the bag's top, allowing you to retrieve the iPad without opening the bag.


  • Affordable - this bag is loved by students because for a low price you get a very high-quality product
  • Many storage options - with pockets of different shapes and sizes all over this bag, you will have plenty of choices about where to store your belongings


  • Small - this bag is a lot smaller than you may first realize, as the outside makes it look deceptively big. It also doesn't have a laptop compartment


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Lightspeed is a favorite of many pilots and cabin crew members due to the outstanding quality of its products.

While some of their products are rather costly, you cannot expect anything less due to the high-quality materials used.

And that is true with the Markham bag. It is not cheap, but it is reasonably priced for what it is.

The outside of this flight bag is constructed from cowhide leather, providing it with a luxurious feel.

It's a very attractive handbag, excellent for pilots looking to add a touch of elegance to their daily routine.

The Markham is not only a pretty bag though. With a big main compartment, an outside quick-access iPad pocket, and side pockets for a water bottle and a transceiver, it is an incredibly practical bag as well.

The backpack features multiple more outside pockets, but none of them are large enough to hold a headset.

That item has to be put into the main compartment, which is fairly large.

While it lacks any sort of dividers, which would be useful to help you organize your items, an extra cushioned insert may be purchased to provide organization features.


  • Stylish bag - a lot of pilot bags focus on being practical rather than stylish, but this bag does both successfully. 
  • Super durable - you won’t have to worry about damaging this bag if you accidentally bump it
  • Many pockets - you can store a lot of smaller items in these


  • Dividers are sold separately - this is annoying as without this you cannot organize the main area in your bag. This is also an added cost to an already pretty pricey bag

Also Available At Lightspeedaviation

Best Pilot Flight Bag Buying Guide

When looking to buy a new pilot's bag, there are a few features you have to prioritize to ensure that you get the best item for your needs.

Here are the essential features that you need to look out for. 

Best Pilot Flight Bag


Because a flight bag will be sitting immediately alongside you in the cockpit, its size is crucial.

If you purchase an oversized bag, it will not fit next to your chair. If you get an excessively small bag, you will be unable to fit anything inside.

The optimal proportions for an average flight bag are slightly above 18" x 14" x 12" (L x W x H). These bags fit within the majority of cockpits and may be kept behind the pilot's seat.

Some bags can look deceptively big from the outside, but then when you try to fit anything inside them they are way too small.

Always do a good inspection of a bag before you buy it if that's possible, as you should be able to tell if all of your items will fit inside.

Number Of Pockets

This is an important consideration when selecting a flying bag, and is related closely to the size of the bag.

Multiple compartments are very useful since they keep you organized and make getting stuff out of your bag during your flight simple. They do, however, reduce the bag's total capacity.

All of the flight bags on this page have enough storage space and compartments for the essential goods pilots carry, such as a torch, your headset and iPad, your headset, and your high visibility clothing.

Consider the non-standard items you carry in your bag regularly, like some snacks or a book. You need to make sure that there are spaces for these items as well.

The best way to ensure that you are getting luggage that will be used is to choose a bag that is customized to your unique needs.

As a result, look for a bag that looks to be a perfect fit for you, with ample storage for the items you generally pack in a flight bag.

Quality And Durability

A flying bag is an item that you will regularly use. As a consequence, you should choose a bag made of premium materials.

The best flying bags are often constructed of canvas or rugged nylon, however, some are constructed of quality polyester.

Although leather bags are quite popular they are unreasonably expensive in comparison to canvas or nylon bags.

While leather is an expensive and elegant material, it can not always withstand everyday wear and tear. 

The shoulder straps are the first to give way, with the leather breaking where it comes into touch with the jacket.

However, the more sturdy the bag is, the higher the price. A high-quality pilot flight bag will cost several hundred dollars, and even the most affordable models sometimes exceed $100.

Cheaper flight bags are rarely as good as their more costly counterparts, and certainly do not qualify as the greatest pilot flight bags available.

However, you may wish to examine other kinds of carry-on bags. Totes and under-seat bags are often large enough to store all of your flying stuff and are quite inexpensive.

They, however, are not as safe and your staff may have more of a chance of being lost or stolen. 

Best Pilot Flight Bag - FAQ's

Are Pilot bags Different From Regular Bags?

Some bags are specifically designed as pilot bags, but whatever bag a pilot takes on a plane, be it a backpack or a tote bag, can also be considered a pilot bag.

Pilots often prefer to use specifically designed pilot bags though as they provide features especially useful to them.

Can Pilots Fly For Free?

As they fly every day and are paid for it, pilots fly for free every day. However, this is possible in their time off as well.

Usually, a pilot can use free or very discounted tickets for their holidays, but this does depend on the policy of the airline they work for.

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