Can You Fly A Private Jet Internationally?

Private jets are expensive. You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on purchasing a private jet. There are different types of private jets depending on your preferences. 

Can You Fly A Private Jet Internationally

If you don’t own a jet and simply want to travel in one, then it could be more affordable than you might think. You can buy your seat on a private plane or charter service from an air carrier.

Although expensive, private jets have their benefits, for one they are very comfortable. You can relax while flying because there are no delays or heavy crowds.

There are many benefits to using a private plane such as reduced stress levels and more privacy than commercial flights.


Passports and visas are necessary when traveling internationally. Private jet travelers also require these documents in order to enter a new country so you will need to obtain them beforehand.

You should also check with your destination country about any additional requirements prior to departure.

PrivateFly is a specialist service team that will use the information you provide to create a passenger manifest that is sent to the appropriate people. 

The information is also used by the FBO to pre-clear passengers prior to boarding.

Passengers must present valid passports or other identification before boarding the private jet. Immigration officers may also check your documents at the gate.


Customs officers will come to you if you’re traveling internationally on a private jet. They’ll check your luggage, ask some questions, and then let you go.

This is a wonderful perk of flying a private jet as you don’t have to spend hours waiting around in queues. 

Private jets require proper identification for all passengers. Flight crew must verify passengers’ identities before boarding.

Children under 18 need to be accompanied by parents or guardians. Birth certificates are acceptable forms of identification.


Baggage scanning happens seamlessly and very quickly on private jets. There are no per-person limits on luggage size or weight.

No long corridors to walk down. Private jets are designed to make your journey to the aircraft as quick and easy as possible.


Another great thing about taking your private jet to far-flung lands is that you can bring your furry friends along too. No need to leave them behind or subject them to the stress of traveling under a big commercial plane. 

It’s wise to bear in mind that pets must be vaccinated before entering a foreign country so be sure to check their records are up-to-date.

If traveling internationally, pets should also have passports. A vet can help you create and verify your pet’s passport. 

Travel Time 

Private jets are more expensive than commercial planes. People who fly privately don’t need to arrive as early as those flying on a commercial flight.

For international flights, arrivals should be about an hour prior to take-off so you can enjoy that extra time in bed, bliss! 


The timing of the flight will vary depending on the amount of wind. Wind can cause a delay of up to an hour or more. Fuel consumption varies depending on how much wind there is. 

Because jets are smaller than large commercial planes they can hold less fuel, meaning weather can affect flight time and the diversions needed. Pilots must monitor forecasts throughout the entire journey.

Which Airports?

Can You Fly A Private Jet Internationally

Before setting off for an international flight it’s useful to research airports that are en route.  Some airports charge extra fees for private flights. Also, some airports are better suited for private flights than others. 

For example, many airports were built only for commercial flights. This means there are lots of people and lots of cars driving around. This makes it harder to get into an airport on a private jet. 

Pilots should always be aware of what is happening around them. Smaller planes fly faster than larger ones, and taxiing should be done slowly. A pilot who is familiar with the airport will know how to navigate correctly.

Smaller airports provide a better VIP experience than larger ones. Golf buggies speed through airport security, and passengers get assistance with luggage.

Commercial flights take priority over private planes. Slots at regional airports are easier to obtain because most people fly into them.

Sometimes it will prove to be more cost-effective to travel from a commercial airport. Commercial airports are better than regional ones because they provide more services such as parking lots, restaurants, shops, etc. 

There are many regional and private airports around the world. Commercial airlines can’t fly into most of them because they’re too small, however, private jets can go anywhere.

Regional airports are more expensive than commercial airports because they charge higher landing fees. Private jets are usually stationed at regional airports. 


Private planes cost a lot of money because they are very expensive to maintain.

If you can’t get the money together to buy your own jet then flying by charter is an excellent choice for occasional travelers or business people. 

A charter flight is much cheaper than a regular flight. Jet cards are a great way to save money when booking flights.

Prepaid cards allow you to book a fixed amount of flight time at a set price. This is also known as an empty leg flight. These types of flights are perfect for people who need to fly frequently.

Private Jet Apps

There are some private jet startups based on a sharing economy style model for booking private jets which offer different payment options, such as a membership fee model and pay-as-you-go model. 

Membership fees range from $595 per annum, which allows you to avoid the $395-per flight service fee that applies to single private flight bookings, to a $1000 per month Elite Access membership, with a minimum $100k deposit, which includes set hourly private charter prices and no additional fees. 

In Summary 

Private jets are much faster than regular commercial airliners. However, they are also smaller and less spacious. A private jet will most certainly cost more than a regular flight, but it saves you a lot of time.

Private jets offer luxury and convenience and an awesome way to experience the sky. So, if money isn’t an issue then what’s stopping you? Happy flying!

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