How To Read PIREPs

In today’s article, we are going to explore the relationship between aviation and the weather, and how you can effectively understand what is happening on the outside of your plane. What Are PIREPS? A Pilot Report. or PIREP, is a report that pilots make when they fly into an airport or during a flight. It …

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At What Education Level Are Most Pilots?

Pilots are required to undergo extensive training before they are allowed to fly commercial aircraft. This training involves learning new skills such as flying, navigation, communication, etc. While undergoing extensive training is required, what kind of education is required to be a pilot? Commercial Pilot Education Requirements Most commercial pilots have bachelor’s degrees, and about …

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Do I Need A Degree To Become An Airline Pilot?

Regional airlines usually have no college degree requirement. They typically hire people without degrees because there is a lack of airline pilots currently. These companies also tend to hire people based on their personality instead of qualifications.  However, potential pilots need to meet minimum requirements such as a minimum ATP record and an excellent reputation …

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