Do Pilots Get Free Flights? Benefits Of Being An Airline Pilot

Do you ever wonder why airlines charge such high prices for tickets? Since the costs of air travel is expensive, they try to maximize revenue from each passenger.

In addition, airline companies are constantly looking for ways to improve customer service and increase revenues. One way they do this is by offering perks to passengers.

Do Pilots Get Free Flights? Benefits Of Being An Airline Pilot

But do their pilots also get these perks, such as free flights? We take a look at some benefits of being an airline pilot.

Do Airline Pilots Get Free Flights?

Yes, airline pilots often get either heavily discounted or even free flights. The exact perks vary with each airline and across different countries.

However, generally pilots and their families have access to much cheaper flight tickets. Some airlines offer discounts on tickets for family members, while others give complimentary first class seats.

And if your airline doesn’t offer any perks, there are still other ways in which you can benefit. For example, many airlines allow pilots to earn miles through flying. These miles can be redeemed for free flights or upgrades.

Benefits Of Being An Airline Pilot

Free or cheap flights for friends and family to have a great vacation is a big plus for pilots.

But what other perks does an airline provide its pilots? Let’s find out!

Job Security

Pilots work long hours, so it’s important to them that they feel secure in their jobs. As flying is here to stay for many years to come, the jobs for pilots should also be safe for a while.

Great Views

If you’re an experienced pilot, you know how beautiful the world looks when you fly over it. You see things that no one else sees.

And you may even spot something interesting, like a volcano erupting or a storm brewing.

It’s not just about seeing new places; it’s also about experiencing new cultures. Many people say that traveling broadens our minds and makes us more open-minded.


Being a pilot is a very flexible career option. Although airlines do have a set flight schedule, pilots sometimes do have the option where they want to fly to.

It’s not the typical 9 to 5 job, and many pilots enjoy this side of the job.

Meeting New People

Flying is a great opportunity to meet new people. As a pilot, you travel the world and see new cultures, so you constantly see new people.

You will also get to know different crew members and learn about their culture. This helps you understand how people live around the world, and it broadens your mind.

Good Career Prospects

As we mentioned earlier, flying is a growing industry. So, if you’re a pilot, you’ll likely land better jobs than someone who isn’t.

Also, because of the high demand for pilots, you’ll probably have easier time finding employment. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, then make sure you know exactly what’s involved.

Do What You Love

Airlines need qualified pilots. And since most people don’t want to spend all day sitting behind a desk, being a pilot is a very rewarding job.

So, if you love flying, then why not become a pilot? 

Great Income

Great Income

Most people who become airline pilots make good money. Their salaries depend on their qualifications and the airline.

Generally, the more flight hours and experience, the better you can advance in aviation.

Career Advancement

Airlines usually hire new pilots based on merit, rather than seniority. So, if you are qualified, you will likely advance quickly within the company.

Prestigious Status

Flying planes is considered one of the most prestigious professions around. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

So, if you want to be proud of yourself and your profession, then consider becoming an airline pilot.

You Don’t Take Work Home

Many people who become airline pilots choose to keep their personal lives separate from their professional life.

As there is no work to take home, it’s much easier to relax during your time off.

Health Benefits

In addition to earning a good salary, pilots also receive some health benefits. These include medical insurance, dental care, vision care, and retirement plans.

Some airlines even offer additional perks such as free meals and housing.

Continual Learning

The best way to ensure you remain relevant as a pilot is by learning new skills and keeping up with developments in the field.

There are always new technologies, regulations, and procedures that you must be aware of.

This means that you need to stay updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pilots Get Free Hotels?

Typically, the airline pays and handles the booking of accommodation for all the crew, including pilots.

Where Do Pilots Go After A Flight?

After a short flight, pilots often stay in the cockpit and wait for refueling and cleaning to be done.

However, for long haul flights, there are also small sleeping cabins located behind the cockpit, so pilots and crew members can rest and even freshen themselves up until the next take-off.

Is Airline Pilot A Good Career?

For many people who fly every day, being a pilot is a great career choice and one of the best jobs in the world.

And being a pilot comes with many perks, including free flights, a good salary and fantastic career prospects.

Is It Worth It To Become A Pilot?

For many trainees, it’s definitely the career of their choice, and they are certain that being a pilot is worth it.

Aviation has seen one of the fastest job growths in recent decades, and this is set to continue.


Being an airline pilot is a rewarding job, and you get one of the best views in the world (short of being an astronaut!).

While there are many perks with being a pilot, such as free flights for friends and family, this is a highly-skilled job and requires a lot of training.

In addition, aviation is a competitive industry, so make sure you have all the required documents ready when you submit your application.

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