Does Rolls Royce Make Jet Engines?

Rolls-Royce is an American multinational aerospace corporation headquartered in Derby, United Kingdom.

The company designs, develops, produces, assembles, markets, repairs, overhauls and services jet engines for commercial airlines, military fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, ships and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). 

Rolls-Royce also provides aftermarket services such as engine management software, maintenance training and technical support.

In addition to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia, the company sells products in more than 60 countries.

Does Rolls Royce Make Jet Engines?

Rolls-Royce is mostly famous for luxury cars. They are very expensive and are made in England. Their prices range from $80,000 to over $1 million. In 2004, Rolls-Royce sold more than 3,500 cars. 

The oldest Rolls-Royce is owned by the Love family and is valued at $4.5 million. Since 2007, the company has produced about 1000 cars per year. In 2011, 3538 copies of Rolls-Royce cars were made.

The Rolls-Royce is built using the best materials available. They are reliable and durable. Their engines are powerful and efficient and they rarely break down, if they do, they’re usually fixed quickly.

Rolls-Royce vehicles are also known for being super quiet. But what about aircraft engines? 

Importance Of Engines 

Engines are a crucial part of an aircraft. There are two types of engines used by commercial airplanes: jet engines and turbofan engines.

Jet engines use high-pressure gas to create thrust, while turbofans use low-pressure gas to create thrust. In both cases, the engine is mounted in the front of the airplane. 

Jet engines are more efficient than turbofans because they generate less drag, and therefore require less energy to move the same amount of weight. However, jet engines produce higher levels of noise pollution. 

The leading manufacturers of aircraft engines have always been General Electric but Rolls-Royce are also popular.

First Rolls-Royce Jet Engine

Rolls-Royce started producing aircraft engines during World War I. The company designed the Merlin engine, which was installed in the famous Spitfire fighter plane and the Hurricane fighter plane.

In World War II, the company produced the Packard V-1650 engine, which was used in the P.51 fighter plane. 

Rolls-Royce also made a version of the engine that was used in the Lancasters in World War II. Lionel Archer, the designer of the Merlin engine, lived in New Zealand.

He worked as a mechanic before he became an engineer. He later opened a garage. He married Sybil Lupp, who was a race car driver. 

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars were once the most famous cars in the world. But after entering bankruptcy, the company was sold to BMW. 

Nowadays, Rolls-Royce makes the most popular engines throughout the globe. Rolls-Royce RB211 was the first turbofan engine developed by Rolls-Royce. 

This engine powered the Boeing 727-100 and the Douglas DC-9. The RB211 was used in the Boeing 747-200 and the Airbus A300.

The RB211 was also used as the powerplant of the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and the ATR 72-600.

Mechanical Issues 

Rolls-Royce engines have been plagued by problems, causing some airlines to ground their planes. There was one incident where issues with an A 380 engine caused a near-fatal crash. 

When investigated, it showed problems on other A 380 engines too. All of the company’s powered A 380s were grounded while investigations and corrective procedures were urgently made to deal with the problem. 

In recent years, it was Emirates’ dissatisfaction over the engines’ performance and RR refusing to resolve or improve them, that caused Emirates to cancel their A380 order.

As a result of this, Airbus has discontinued the entire A380 plane altogether.

The Rolls-Royce engines have been having problems for a long time.  Some 787s have had to fly reduced power profiles or be grounded until they can be fixed.

New problems with the engines have caused delays in the delivery of the A330s. 

Rolls-Royce says it can’t make engines fast enough for Boeing’s new plane. This means that Boeing may possibly be forced to buy another company’s engine.

Rolls-Royce Electric Aircraft

A Rolls-Royce electric plane has been successfully flown for the first time in recent years. It was powered by six lithium-ion batteries and had a top speed of about 240mph.

The plane took off from London’s Heathrow Airport and flew for 15 minutes. Rolls-Royce said it was the world’s first electric plane capable of taking off and landing vertically.

The plane made use of new technology developed by Airbus that allows planes to fly without any noise or fumes. The company said the plane could carry up to 12 passengers and reach speeds of up to 300mph. 

It takes less time to reach its destination because it doesn’t use fuel. Electric aircraft are quieter and safer than conventional planes. 

Electric aircraft is an environmentally-friendly mode of transport and Rolls-Royce is developing the most powerful hybrid engine and the largest all-electric engine.

And of course, as is the Rolls-Royce trademark, it will be super quiet. 

These two technologies will be used to develop an aircraft capable of reaching speeds above Mach 1.5.

The maiden flight was propelled by the most powerful engine ever used in an airplane and this new technology could make air travel more affordable than ever before.

A new generation of airplanes could use batteries instead of fossil fuels to power them making a much greener way of traveling. 


The competition is harsh when it comes to aircraft engine production. The market for aircraft engines is dominated by three companies — GE, P&W and Rolls-Royce.

The market is highly competitive and innovation is key. GE, P & W, and Rolls-Royces hold nearly a 100 percent market share.

Newer planes, such as the Comac C91 9, are not enough to challenge the dominance of these three companies. Boeing is the most popular airplane maker because of its reliability.

Airbus was created by Dassault Aviation and British Aerospace. Both companies were merged into EADS. 

Will Rolls-Royce take the lead? Only time will tell. 


So, there you have it! Not only is Rolls-Rocye one of the leading manufacturers of cars, but the brand also makes jet engines for military, corporate, and civil aircraft use. 

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