How To Pass FAA Written Exam

With every pilot license or rating, there is also a corresponding FAA written test that must also be passed.

How To Pass FAA Written Exam

Keep in mind that these tests normally have between 40-100 multiple choice questions and you need to achieve a minimum score of 70% to pass.

A student pilot must first pass the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam before he/she may be endorsed by a CFI. There are two ways to get this endorsement:

  • Complete ground school offline 
  • Online. 

The CFI will then test the student pilot for his/her aeronautical knowledge. Pilots who study online can be certified by the FAA.

However, students who study offline must go to a physical flight school and get a private pilot knowledge exam certificate endorsed by a CFI.

When Can You Take It?

To take the PPL written test, individuals must obtain an endorsement from a CFS first. There is also a minimum age requirement to take the CFI private pilot written test. 

Individuals must be at least 15 years old to take the FAA’s private pilot knowledge exam.

One can obtain an endorsement from a CFII before one is 15 years old, but one needs to register for the FAA’s PPL examination, 

How To Prepare 

You should spend time studying by yourself before coming to class. It’s recommended that you do practice exams several times.

If you can take 3 consecutive practice exams and get an average of more than 85% correct answers, you’re probably ready.

The FAA no longer releases question banks for tests. However, there are various online resources that have created a comprehensive list of questions for the following certificates:

Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot, Multiengine Land, and Instrument Rating. We also provide sample exams for these certifications.

Student pilots often fail the initial flight review because they lack adequate knowledge.

Students who fail the knowledge test on their initial usually haven’t taken any online courses before the exam.

Online study guides for the private pilot written exams are available to use so it’s crucial to take advantage of this. 

Students should allocate adequate time to studying. They should follow a process for reviewing and reviewing the material as many times as necessary.

Practice answering as many test prep questions as you can. 

You should study about 3-4 hours per day for a week before taking the actual test.

You should spend less time studying on days when you feel confident and be sure to rest and more time studying on days when your confidence level is lower.

Exam Information 

How To Pass FAA Written Exam

The private pilot written exam has sixty multiple-choice questions and a duration of two and a half hours.

Two hours and thirty minutes are adequate for any well-equipped student pilot to complete and pass the exam.

You will see questions on various subjects relevant to Aeronautics. 

There will be no unexpected questions, so be confident that you can pass the exam.

The exam includes information handling emergencies as well as questions about different types of weather conditions that pilots encounter. 

Pilots need to know about the density altitude performance chart and weight and balance requirements.

This test consists of questions about aerodynamics, power plants, aircraft systems, stalls and spins, aeronautical decision-making, preflight actions, and other topics related to flight.

Most people who take the test fail the first time. You should be prepared to retake the test if necessary. Don’t overly worry about failing the exam.

You’re allowed to retake the exam up to three times within 30 days after your first attempt. 

Test center times vary by location. If you’re talking about an FAA-certified test center that takes eight hours to complete the entire test. 

This means you should be given 40 minutes to answer the first 100 questions, then another 40 minutes to answer the second set of 100 questions, and finally 20 more minutes to finish up the last 60 questions.

So, your total time should be around 80 minutes.

Extra Resources

Rod Machado is an excellent resource for pilots who want to take their private flight training. He provides clear explanations of how to prepare for your first flight test.

He also offers a comprehensive set of lessons about preparing for the Federal Aviation Administration Flight Test.

In Summary 

Preparing for the exam is the most important thing you can do. Focus on learning the material and considering it in context. 

If you learn the material properly, then you won’t need to worry about what questions might be asked.

Try not to focus too hard on the grade, the goal isn’t to get a perfect score but to get a high enough score to pass. 

Study the exhibit book, and review the material covered by each question this will help you go into the exam feeling prepared and confident.

There are certain items that you need to show the test taker before they will allow you to take your knowledge test.

Organize these items the day before and make certain that you bring them with you when you arrive the day of your test.

The FAA publishes a document called “learning statement reference guide for airman knowledge testing.”

Memorizing the code isn’t a necessity, but these codes will give you an indication of the variations in subject matters that you might encounter on your knowledge test.

Final Tips 

There are many different types of questions on the SAT Math Test. Some of the most difficult questions require using advanced math techniques such as calculus. 

Many students worry about how to solve these kinds of questions because they aren’t familiar with the concepts involved.

However, if you practice solving these types of questions, you’ll become more comfortable with the material. 

During the exam, if you get stuck on a question, you should eliminate as many incorrect choices as possible.

You can then guess what the FAA is asking about or why the question was asked. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, choose the best answer or pick between two equally good answers. 

Remember, you only have 60 seconds to complete each section. Make sure you use them wisely! 

Use these tips when preparing for your FAA knowledge test. So long as you don’t resort to simply memorizing the FAA questions, you’ll be able to learn and remember the information necessary to pass the test.

If you want that additional edge over the FAA knowledge tests, use pilot certification products to speed up your training.

Best of luck with the exam, with the right preparation you’re sure to smash it!

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