How To Schedule PPL Written Exam

If you are passionate about piloting, you may be aware that there are a few hurdles that you need to overcome. One of these hurdles is the PPL written exam.

How To Schedule PPL Written Exam

Find out everything you need to know about this test, including how to schedule it, below. 

What Is The PPL?

The PPL (Pilot License) is the license required by pilots to fly aircraft. It is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

There are normally 9 separate exams that you will need to pass as part of the PPL. These are theory tests, meaning that you need to answer questions to prove your piloting knowledge.

The CAA has two types of pilots: private and commercial. Private pilots can only operate their own aircraft or those belonging to someone else.

Commercial pilots can also operate any type of aircraft for hire. In addition, they can also work as flight instructors. 

Who Needs A PPL?

Anyone who wants to fly an aircraft must have a PPL. This includes both private and commercial pilots.

A student pilot is required to pass this exam if they want to fly an airplane. They do not need to take the exam before they start training. 

However, once they have completed all the requirements needed to get their pilot’s license, they will then need to sit the PPL written exam.

What Does The PPL Written Exam Entail?

As mentioned, there are 9 different components of the PPL exam. These sections can vary in order. However, they should always include:

Aviation Law 

This section is focused on the different laws surrounding aviation. You should bear in mind that laws will vary from place to place. The same applies to the rules regarding licensing. 

To pass this section, you will need a deep knowledge of these laws. This ensures that future pilots abide by these regulations.

Usually, this part is multiple-choice, which some people find easier than essay questions. 

Flight Planning And Performance 

This part will require you to do some calculations to ensure that theoretical flights go smoothly.

For example, you may need to work out how much fuel is required to travel a certain distance. Additionally, you might have to calculate the length of a runway. 

General Knowledge 

A lot of quizzes have a general knowledge category. This knowledge test is no different. However, these questions will be directed as aircraft general knowledge.

These questions are generally centered around more technical aircraft information. Therefore, we advise brushing up on these areas before taking the test.  


Meteorology is one of the most important parts of flying. Weather conditions affect every aspect of aviation.

As such, you need to understand how different weather conditions affect planes. You should also be able to identify and describe various types of clouds. 

Furthermore, you should be able to answer how you can adjust your piloting to suit various weather conditions, such as rain or strong wind. This is often known as weather theory. 


An essential part of piloting is radio communication. You will need to know how to use the radio equipment correctly.

In addition, you should be familiar with emergency procedures. Also, you should know what frequencies to use when communicating with other aircraft. 

Moreover, you should know how to communicate with air traffic control. As part of this, you must know the NATO phonetic alphabet.

The phonetic alphabet is used to communicate with ground-based personnel. It consists of words that represent different letters. For instance, A is represented by the word “Alpha”. 

Principles Of Flight 

Known as PoF, the principles of flight section also tends to be multiple-choice. However, it does ask for some basic understanding of aerodynamics.

This means that you will need to be able to explain why things happen during the flight. 

For example, you will need to explain why lift occurs. You will also need a knowledge of other fundamental piloting topics, such as drag. 

Operational Procedures 

This part is dedicated to safety regulations. As such, you will need to know about the different operational procedures that exist within aviation. 

For example, you should know about the minimum safe altitudes. You should also be aware of the different ways in which you can land an airplane safely.

As you can imagine, this section will ensure that future pilots are safe. 

Human Performance And Limitations 

Part of the reason why pilots must pass this grueling exam is to ensure that the most skilled candidates are successful.

This test is used to guarantee that potential pilots are aware of the psychological impacts of flying. 

For instance, mental health conditions, such as depression, are fairly common among pilots. This test seeks to make pilots aware of these conditions to limit them. 


Lastly, navigation is another vital component of being a pilot. You will need to know how to navigate the aircraft to ensure that you get to the correct destination. You will be tested on different forms of navigation. 

How Can I Schedule A PPL Written Exam?

How To Schedule PPL Written Exam

Once you feel that you are ready, you should book a PPL written exam. Many companies offer these exams.

PSI is one of the leading test providers, so you should consider seeing whether this company is available in your area. Some of them charge a fee while others do not.

When booking an exam, you should check their policies carefully. 

You can often schedule this test online or via the phone. To do this, visit the website of a test provider. For instance, the PSI website is an amazing resource for booking pilot exams.

You should find a testing center that is near to your home. Thankfully, these centers are found across the globe. 

When you attend your exam, you must bring documentation with you to prove your identity.

For example, you should bring a driver’s license, alien residency card, birth certificate, or passport that contains your residential address. 

You can also book a practice test if you want to determine whether you are ready.

In fact, many people find practice tests to be a useful form of revision, as they allow you to find out what you already know and which areas you need to improve on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Characteristics Does A Pilot Need?

To become a pilot, your personality should be calm and collected. You should also be able to work well under pressure. After all, piloting is quite a high-stress environment that provides plenty of challenges. 

Finally, you should be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. If you possess all of these characteristics, then perhaps you have what it takes to become a perfect pilot. 

Are There Any Other Requirements?

In addition to having the right personality traits, you will also need to meet other requirements. 

For instance, you will need to hold a valid medical certification from a licensed physician. You will also need to have flight training to become a pilot.

A piloting license is a necessity, while a bachelor’s degree is also expected. 

Final Thoughts

The process of becoming a pilot is long and arduous. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Fortunately, tons of resources can help you along the way.

The best thing to do is to start preparing early. 

By doing this, you will have more time to study and prepare for the exam. When you pass this exam, you can put all of your hard work and flight training into practice. 

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